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Artschwager, E. & Smiley, E. M. 1921: Dictionary of botanical equivalents, French-English, German-English. Waverly press, Williams & Wilkins Company, Baltimore, S. 137 (, abgerufen am 5. September 2011).

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Zusammenfassung: PREFACE:

The work of the Great rests upon the accumulated labor of an obscure host of patient and painstaking workers. — Yoffa.

Readers of foreign botanical literature have for a long time felt the need of an accurate translation of technical terms which are not commonly found in our dictionaries. In the following compilation the editors have attempted to supply this need. The foundation of the work rests on Schneider's Illustriertes Handwörterhuch der Botanik. Many terms, however, have been taken from other dictionaries, as well as textbooks and current literature.

French and German terms of Latin or Greek origin have been omitted whenever the English equivalent would practical have been only a repetition. For such terms as are included in this dictionary the exact English equivalents have been sought.

In numerous instances, however, the lack of such has made it necessary to furnish an explanation of the foreign term rather than a translation.

The list of plant names includes important economic plants, farm weeds, and the Latin equivalents for the larger plant groups.

The editors, so far from attempting a complete compilation of French and German botanical terms, have aimed only at the production of a practical handbook, accurate within the limits set for it. To make it possible for owners of the volume to amplify the list of terms and names given, the publishers have interleaved blank pages, and it is hoped that this will prove valuable for those who use the book.

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