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This page is a translated version of the page Benutzer:Andreas Plank/Artenquiz für Heilpflanzen (Flora von Bayern) and the translation is 100% complete.

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Project in Detail
by: Dagmar Triebel
with: Andreas Plank, Iris Leininger, Anton Link, Gregor Hagedorn
Cooperation with:
  • Bavarian Natural History Collections (Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns)
  • Natural History Museum, Berlin (Museum für Naturkunde)
Begin at: 2014/01/01 until 2014/06/30
Species quiz for medical plants (Flora of Bavaria)
Article by Andreas Plank

published: 15:40, 12. May 2017, modified: 17:05, 02. April 2019 (CEST),

Summary: Creation of an interactive quiz of species for medical plants in Bavaria. The intend of the quiz is, that interested amateurs and professionals describe comprehensively characters of plants by a quiz and gather the characters. In reverse, these saved characters can be used to identify an unknown plant that is contained in the dataset of medical plants.

Key words: Flora of Bavaria, programming, Python, Django, quiz

Status: species quiz is operative

Open issues: Program code for interactively identify character data is not customised yet, it has to conform to the data model oq DiversityDescriptions.

Help & sustain: Please help this project in supporting it financially and donate to it, to get a benefit for all. Working tasks: code adjustments to get an interactive identification running; adjust the code to the data model of DiversityDescriptions. Estimated work time 1 month or 1000 €
donate directly ( Goal is reached: 0 € 0% financially supported

A part of the species quiz could be completed in context of the research project“WWF, BG and BSM – ‘BIB 2.0’: Botanical platform for communications for Bavaria and Germany”.

After logging in at the species quiz you can start it: a medical plant is selected randomly and by clicking on conforming characters next to the photos on the side bar, you describing the plant. Here one screenshot (German UserInterface): Describing the flower colour in the species quiz Flora of Bavaria

At the end you can guess the name of the plant. To motivate even more the description of the plant, a score system is implemented where every described character gets one point (also characters recognised as not available). Additionally, if you know the medical plant’s name you get 3 extra points.