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Cameron, P. 1890: A Monograph of the British Phytophagous Hymenoptera. (Tenthredo, Sirex and Cynips, Linné). Bd. 3, London, doi:10.5962/bhl.title.59527 (mit 17 Bildtafelnhttp:/​/​biodiversitylibrary.​org/​page/​20734891, abgerufen am 18. Dezember 2016).

Stichworte: HymenopteraGroßbritannienPflanzenfressende InsektenBildtafeln von RaupenBildtafeln von AdulttierenFraßspuren

Zusammenfassung: (OCR recognised)


IN this volume I have described the remaining three families of the Tenthredinidæ, the Cephidæ, Siricidæ, Oryssidæ, and the parasitic Cynipidæ. The fourth (and concluding) volume will deal with the inquiline and gall-making Cynipidæ, and will also contain such additions and corrections as increased knowledge may have brought to light during the period the book has been in course of publication. It only remains for me to thank my correspondents for their continued kindness in assisting me with my work.

SALE, CHESHIRE; April, 1890.

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