Curtis et al. - Flora Londinensis 02-fasc04 BHL-210655 - 1777

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Curtis, W., Darton, W., Edwards, S., Kilburn, W., Sansom, F., Sowerby, J., White, B. & White, B. 1777: Flora Londinensis. or, Plates and descriptions of such plants as grow wild in the environs of London: with their places of growth, and times of flowering, their several names according to Linnæus and other authors: with a particular description of each plant in Latin and English: to which are added, their several uses in medicine, agriculture, rural œconomy and other arts. Bd. 2-fasc04, Printed for and sold by the author, London (https:/​/​www.​biodiversitylibrary.​org/​item/​210655).

Stichworte: 18th century18. JahrhundertBotanical illustrationBildtafeln von Pflanzen in schwarz-weißEarly works to 1800Frühe Werke bis 1800EnglandEngravings in black-whiteStiche in schwarz-weißHerbalsKräuterFlora of LondonFlora von LondonPilztafeln in schwarz-weiß

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