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A template to be used to illustrate a project, provide metadata. Features:

  • the template should be set at the top of the page or sub page
  • sets language specific Category: Projekt with suffix …/en, …/fr etc., this is follows the recommendation of https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Extension:Translate/Page_translation_administration#Markup_examples
  • metadata of the project are stored in template parameters, but detailed descriptive information is not part of th template and should follow after the template as free text
  • metadata can be queried with #ask
  • the template is intended to be able to be translated using the translation mechanisms of Extension:Translate (<translate>content to be translated</translate>)
  • label translations exist for: Deutsch, English, français




Bold parameters indicate a mandatory parameter:

Parameter Comment Property
title project title (default is sub pagename or pagename) property: project title
keywords keyword list (comma list) property: ac:tag
url external web page(s) of the project (comma list) property: project url
summary a summary text descibing the project property: project summary
list thumbnail e.g. “File:Great icon.png”, an illustrative icon that is always displayed, intended as list display and heading display. Size will be height of x50px property: project list thumbnail
list ranking any number, to sort projects by rank (default: 0). The higher the sooner it will be displayed. property: project list ranking
article creators article creators (comma list) property: article creator
article contributors article contributors (comma list) property: article contributor
article published timestamp when article was first published property: dcterms:created
article modified timestamp when article was modified property: dc:modified
creators project creators (comma list) property: project creator
contributors project contributors (comma list) property: project contributor
managers project managers (comma list) property: project manager
collaborative institutions project collaborative institutions (free text) property: project collaborative institution
is active (true or false, i.e. 1 or 0) to filter out older projects and current projects; default is true, i.e. 1 property: project working status is active
start date date of project start (date) property: project start date
end date date of project end (date) property: project end date
todo project todo, open issues, questions, yet unsolved problems (free text) property: project todo
sustain and help ask for sustaining and helping the project’s progress, the open issues, the open questions etc. (free text) property: project sustain and help
enable translation Boolean value. Adds tag <languages /> to enable translation. Note that translation tags need to be added manually.

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