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Dr. Andreas Plank
biologist, freelance, presently not payed for work
Telefon: +49 30 / 88667855 (privat)

Professional Background

study of biology (diploma) at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany focus on ecology, limnology/hydrology
diploma thesis in the collaborative project of river Elbe “Elbe-Ökologie” (Elbe-Ecology) with the subject (in German): “Verteilung der Chironomidae unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Schwebstoffdynamik” (Distribution of Chironomidae with special regard to dynamics of suspended matter)—supervised by Dr. Heike Zimmermann-Timm
doctorate on climate inference models with Chironomidae—supervised by Dr. Steffen Mischke; research assistant at Free University Berlin in the area of studies of limnology/micropaleontology, programming of the management program Chironomidae Identification Program – CHIP (
research assistant at Julius Kühn Institute Berlin in the ViBRANT Project (Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy: ontologies of standard vocabulary in MediaWiki-software and programming in the project of Open Nature Guides for mobile devices)
since 2014 
freelance, programming for partners of Biowikifarm (naturgucker:; Flora of Bavaria:,; Flora of Switzerland:; BeachExplorer:; Open-Nature-Guides)

Projects in Detail

See also:

Identification data in JSON format, user interface MobileKeyV3 (
Identification data in JSON format, user interface MobileKeyV3 (

Based on project Beachexplorer a JSON-data-exchange-format was developed (see technical documentation) and a user interface shall be developed, that reads through these JSON-data and provides identification. These JSON-identification data can be generated in “Offene Naturführer (Open Nature Guides)” using the Wiki-extension MobileKeyV2 on each of the identification pages. (modified: 22 März 2018 12:58:03) continue reading …

Species quiz for medical plants (Flora of Bavaria)
Species quiz for medical plants (Flora of Bavaria)

Creation of an interactive quiz of species for medical plants in Bavaria. The intend of the quiz is, that interested amateurs and professionals describe comprehensively characters of plants by a quiz and gather the characters. In reverse, these saved characters can be used to identify an unknown plant that is contained in the dataset of medical plants. (modified: 15 März 2018 11:57:07) continue reading …

Support Projects

Please help this project in supporting it financially and donate to it, to get a benefit for all. Working tasks: code adjustments to get an interactive identification running; adjust the code to the data model of DiversityDescriptions. Estimated work time 1 month or 1000 €
donate directly ( Goal is reached: 0 € 0% financially supported (see: Species quiz for medical plants (Flora of Bavaria), modified: 15 März 2018 11:57:07)

I would like you to ask to support MobileKeyV3 financially for it’s completion; estimated working time 4 to 5 month, 5000 €.
support directly (, goal is reached: 0 € 0% financed (see: Identification data in JSON format, user interface MobileKeyV3 (, modified: 22 März 2018 12:58:03)

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