Lydekker et al. 1901a

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Lydekker, R., Sharpe, R. B., MacPherson, H. A., Pickard-Cambridge, F. O., Grant, W. R. O., Gahan, C. J., Bather, F. A., Smith, E. A., Pocock, R. I., Bernard, M., Bernard, H., Kirkpatrick, R., Seton-Thompson, E. & Allen, J. A. 1901: The New Natural History. Bd. 1, Merrill & Baker Publisher, New York, S. 1-589, doi:10.5962/bhl.title.17673 (http:/​/​www.​biodiversitylibrary.​org/​item/​57047#page/​14/​mode/​2up, abgerufen am 7. März 2015).

Stichworte: colored platesanimalsengravingsMammalia

Zusammenfassung: From the introduction.
«[…] Volumes I, II, and half of III are devoted to Mammalia, and are entirely by Mr. Lydekker, The latter half of Volume III and all of Volume IV are given to Birds ; of the twenty-one chapters, eleven are by Mr. Lydekker, five by Rev H. A. MacPherson, three by Dr R. Bowdler Sharpe, and two by Mr. W. R. Oglivie Grant. Volume V is on Reptiles and Fishes, and is entirely by Mr. Lydekker. Volume VI is on the Invertebrates; it contains sixteen chapters, of which four are by Mr. R. I. Pocock, three by Mr. Edgar A. Smith, two by Mr. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge, two by Messrs. H. and M. Bernard, two by Mr. R. Kirkpatrick, two by Mr. C. J. Gahan, and one by Mr. F. A. Bather. All of the contributors are men of recognized high standing in their special departments. […]»

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