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This template creates a gallery using image links to “click & go”. It is intended to use in main keys with clear intuitive images. It's parameters follow template: Lead.

{{ImageSwitch | caption lines=2
 | image 1        = File:Bufo_viridis_female_quadrat.jpg 
   |result text 1 = Frösche/Kröten/Unken
   |lead 1        = springend mit 4 Beinen 
   |result 1      = Froschlurche – Anura
 | image 2        = File:Amphibienlaich und Larven Schlüsseleinstieg.jpg 
   |result text 2 = Amphibien-<br />larven und -laich
   |lead 2        = Bestimmung von Kaulquappen und Froschlaich
   |result 2      = Bestimmungshilfe für Amphibienlaich und -larven (Philipp Meinecke)
 | image 3        = File:Caudata quadratic.png 
   |result text 3 = Salamander/Molche
   |lead 3        = an feuchten Orten oder im Wasser lebend
   |result 3      = Schwanzlurche – Caudata
 | image 4        = File:Reptilia.jpg 
   |result text 4 = Reptilien
   |lead 4        = Haut aus hornigen Schuppen oder Schilden
   |result 4      = Bestimmungsschlüssel für Reptilien in Deutschland


The often used default parameters 1=, 2= are not allowed.

Ablage/Notiz Template for copying

{{ImageSwitch | caption lines=2
 | image 1        = File:
   |result text 1 = 
   |lead 1        = 
   |result 1      = 


The following parameters are mandatory and optional:

optional title
optional another id (default=imageswitch)
list of creators (SMW: dc:creator)
list of contribitors (SMW: dc:contributor)
0..5 (SMW: xmp:Rating)
recommendation group= 
what recommendation is the image switch for (SMW: recommendation group)
image width= 
width of all images (default = 150)
caption lines= 
number of text lines (default = 1)
lead lines= 
number of text lines for the lead text (default = 2)
caption style= 
caption's style
CSS sttyle of the whole gallery
layout format= 
result text or link text at the bottom or the top. Possible fixed values are:
result link top, result text bottom” (=default) or
result link bottom, result text top
image 1= image 30
up to 30 images
lead 1= lead 30
up to 30 descriptions, lead texts
result 1= result 30
up to 30 result links, page names
result text 1= result text 30
up to 30 result texts

Technical notes

See also

The german cunterpart of this template is template: Bildweiche 
Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
. Template: Gallery creates also image galleries but with image zoom when clicked.