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Mártonfi, P. 1997: Nomenclatural survey of the genus Thymus sect. Serpyllum from Carpathians and Pannonia. In: Thaiszia - Journal of Botany. Bd. 7, S. 111-181 (https:/​/​www.​upjs.​sk/​public/​media/​5586/​thaiszia-7-111-181-1997-martonfi.​pdf, abgerufen am 15. Mai 2019).

Stichworte: ThymusNomenklaturSystematik

Zusammenfassung: The genus Thymus in Carpathians and Pannonia is represented by 11 species (two of which are divided in two subspecies). In the paper the survey of the taxa with their synonymy is presented. Altogether 279 taxonomic synonyms, 382 nomenclatural synonyms and 358 invalid names, combinations and misidentifications are listed. At the same time 79 lectotypifications of names, among the others Thymus carpathicus ČELAK. and Thymus montanus WALDST. et KIT. are given. The paper is completed by citations of exsicates and drawings as well as by 11 nomenclatural notes and a new combination - Thymus pulcherrimus subsp. carpathicus (ČELAK.) MÁRTONFI.

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