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Export by various query parameters
(Note: Template Parameter Index does analyse only simple template uses, nested once are dismissed. For nested templates use simply “What links here” in the menu sidebar on the very template page.)
Filter conditions
Wiki BaseUrl:  
Template name(s): (one name or a list of separated names , e.g. ‘Metadata; Key Start’)
Page name: (exact or fuzzy match, e.g. ‘Keys to Lichens of Estonia’ or fuzzy match ‘*ends with this’ or ‘*word anywhere*’ or ‘begins with this*’)
Changed since: (xml formatted date, e.g. yesterday wich is 2021-07-31T23:17:52Z, if left empty = 1900-01-01T00:00:00)
Changed until: (xml formatted date, e.g. 2021-08-01T23:17:52Z, if left empty = current date)
Additional query restrictions (applicable only if query is restricted to a single template name)
Template’s parameter name:
… and it’s value:

(one parameter e.g. ‘lead 1’, with 1, 2 etc. ‘unnamed1’)
(one value to filter on e.g. ‘any word’ and it will carry out a search of ‘*any word*’)
Limit output to parameter(s): (list values separated by semicolon ‘;’, e.g. result 1;lead 1; text; etc. If empty then all parameters are exported)
Choose output:     XML: order and group by page name, template
XML: order and group by template, page name
direct output of attachments specified e.g. in template {{Metadata | Wikitext Metadata Attachment=File:xyz.txt}}