Sukhorukov 2007

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Sukhorukov, A. P. 2007: Fruit anatomy and its taxonomic significance in Corispermum (Corispermoideae, Chenopodiaceae). In: Willdenowia. Bd. 37, S. 63-87, doi:10.3372/wi.37.37103.

Zusammenfassung: Data on comparative carpology of the species of Corispermum are presented. Their fruits are monomorphic and characterised by similar structural peculiarities. A combination of carpological features is shown to be important in the taxonomy and systematics of Corispermum species. 13 groups of species are distinguished based on fruit shape and dimensions, indumentum, wing shape and width, ultrasculpture of pericarp surface, detachment patterns, thickness of the outer pericarp layer and number of macrosclereid layers in the median portion of a fruit. A diagnostic key to the species groups supplemented by further characters is provided. Differences and general trends of specialisation in the anatomic structure of Corispermum and the other two genera of the Corispermoideae, Anthochlamys and Agriophyllum, is shown. The delimitation of the subfamily is confirmed by the results of the fruit anatomical studies.

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