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Version 0.1: STATUS: Untested

Decision S2: ("S2" stands for Simple, 2 leads only) is a highly simplified version of Template:Lead, with only image 1a/1b/1j/1k + 2a/2b/2j/2k; statement text (which is below the images) is directly hyperlinked to next couplet (Dryades/FRIDA-like).

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Technical Documentation: Parameters

1 = key ID
alt 1 (disabled for now)
alt 2 (disabled for now)
next 1
next 2
result 1
result 2
text 1
text 2
image 1a
image 1a height
image 1a width
image 1b
image 1b height
image 1b width
image 1j
image 1j height
image 1j width
image 1k
image 1k height
image 1k width
image 2a
image 2a height
image 2a width
image 2b
image 2b height
image 2b width
image 2j
image 2j height
image 2j width
image 2k
image 2k height
image 2k width

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