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A key-like branching, a decision between a single level of alternatives, here especially to choose among alternative available identification tools. The term "Key Switch" was avoided, because identification tools may be simple image field guides, tabular overviews, or even free-form text.

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Technical Note: The requirements for thisc template are that both jKey and mobileKey can follow it as if it were a key. For this purpose, both parameter names and the output hmtl layout follow the Key Start and Decision templates.


For the entire Switch:

  • id (optional, defaults to "switch" if not given)
  • title
  • page title display
  • remarks
  • taxon name
  • taxon rank (= Genus, Family/Familie, etc.)
  • taxon common names
    • common names (older deprecated synonym, should be replaced over time with taxon common names)
  • group (= Flora, Fauna, etc.)
  • parent taxon
  • (avoid to use: "parent key" and "parent key text" if a taxon name is given)
  • (no creator, category, geoscope, audience, edited by etc.!)

For the alternatives of the decision:

  • result 1…15
  • result text 1…15
  • statement 1…15 (TODO)
  • remarks 1…15
  • image 1…15a, 1…15b
  • caption 1…15a, 1…15b
  • image 1…15a width, 1…15b width (standard: 80)
  • image 1…15a height, 1…15b height (standard: 80)
  • subheading 1…15
  • subheading style 1…15

Current architecture

 + StripFormatting
 + Lead/GalleryItemNoCaption
 + Multilingual