Zürcher & Schlaepfer 2014

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Zürcher, E. & Schlaepfer, R. 2014: Lunar Rhythmicities in the Biology of Trees, Especially in the Germination of European Spruce (Picea abies Karst.): A New Statistical Analysis of Previously Published Data. In: Journal of Plant Studies. Bd. 3, Nr. 1, S. 103-113, doi:10.5539/jps.v3n1p103.

Zusammenfassung: Interest in the question of moon-related fluctuations in tree biology and physiology has been revived by recent experimental research, which could confirm the existence of real phenomena. In this context, previously published extensive data from germination tests on European Spruce using established standard devices, which appeared at the time to give negative results, has been analysed with the help of modern statistical tools. Slight but statistically significant lunar rhythmicities were revealed by this new analysis. One of these fluctuations is found in the germination rate from sowings shortly before Full Moon, compared to those shortly before New Moon.

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