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A list of all pages that have property "Titel" with value "Turion overwintering of aquatic carnivorius plants". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Mathiesen 1916  + (The structure and biology of arctic flowering plants II. 11. Primulaceae)
  • Jessen 1913  + (The structure and biology of arctic flowering plants II. 8. Rosaceae)
  • Olsen 1914  + (The structure and biology of arctic flowering plants II. 9. Cornaceae)
  • Warming 1908  + (The structure and biology of arctic flowering plants I. 1. Ericinae (Ericaceae, Pirolaceae). 1. Morphology and biology)
  • Sobey & Barkhouse 1977  + (The structure and rate of growth of the rhizomes of some forest herbs and dwarf shrubs of the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border region)
  • Lönn & Prentice 1995  + (The structure of allozyme and leaf shape variation in isolated, range-margin populations of the shrub Hippocrepis emerus (Leguminosae))
  • Baranova 1995  + (The structure of the shoot system and its formatting in <i>Lloydia serotina</i> (Liliaceae))
  • Jessen 1911  + (The struture and biology of arctic flowering plants I. 6. Ranunculaceae)
  • Crow 1979  + (The systematic significance of seed morphology in Sagina (Caryophyllaceae) under scanning electron microscopy)
  • Vander Kloet 1983  + (The taxonomy of Vaccinium & Oxycoccus)
  • Oinonen 1971  + (The time table of vegetative spread in oak fern (Cryptogramma dryopteris (L.) Löve & Löve) and May lili (Maianthemum bifolium (L.) F. W. Schmidt) in southern Finland)
  • Shirokova 2001  + (The type of self-incompatibility of raspberries (Rubus idaeus L. Rosaceae) during self-pollination)
  • Troughton 1957  + (The underground organs of herbage grasses)
  • Gimingham 1951  + (The use of life form and growth form in the analysis of community structure, as illustrated by a comparison of two dune communities)
  • Vinagre et al. 2019  + (The use of medicinal plants by the population from the Protected Landscape of “Serra de Montejunto”, Portugal)
  • Ceynowa-Gieldon 1993  + (The variability of seeds in Spergularia marina (L.) Griseb. (= S. salina J. et C.Presl) growing on seacoast and inland saline soils in Poland)
  • Jefferies 1916  + (The vegetative anatomy of Molinia caerulea, the purple heath grass)
  • Daumann 1972b  + (Tier-, Wind- und Wasserblütigkeit in der tschechoslowakischen Flora. II. Dicotyledonen. Angiospermen zusammenfassend)
  • Daumann 1968a  + (Tier-, Wind- und Wasserblütigkeit in der tschechoslowakischen Flora. I. Monocotyledonen)
  • Ohlson & Malmer 1990  + (Total nutrient accumulation and seasonal variation in resource allocation in the bog plant Rhynchospora alba)
  • Brockman 1986  + (Trees of North America)
  • WildWNC 2002  + (Trees of Western North Carolina)
  • Hiirsalmi 1969  + (Trientalis europaea L. A study of the reproductive biology, ecology and variation in Finland)
  • Weber & Noodén 1974  + (Turion formation and germination in Myriophyllum verticillatum: phenology and its interpretation)
  • Newton, Shelton, Disharoon & Duffey 1978  + (Turion formation and germination in Spirodela polyrhiza)
  • Adamec 1999a  + (Turion overwintering of aquatic carnivorius plants)
  • Winston & Gorham 1979  + (Turions and dormancy states in Utricularia vulgaris)
  • Greig-Smith, Gemmel & Gimingham 1947  + (Tussock formation in Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link)
  • Noyes & Rieseberg 2000  + (Two independent loci control agamospermy (Apomixis) in the triploid flowering plant Erigeron annuus)
  • Irmisch 1850d  + (Ueber Scabiosa succisa)
  • Irmisch 1850a  + (Ueber Scorzonera hispanica)
  • Irmisch 1851b  + (Ueber die Dauer einiger Gewächse der deutschen Flora)
  • Irmisch 1854c  + (Ueber die Keimung und Knospenbildung des Aconitum Napellus)
  • Irmisch 1847a  + (Ueber die Stolonen von Epilobium palustre und von einigen Arten desselben Genus)
  • Vogler 1901  + (Ueber die Verbreitungsmittel der schweizerischen Alpenpflanzen)
  • Irmisch 1858  + (Ueber einige Arten aus der natürlichen Pflanzenfamilie der Potameen)
  • Irmisch 1860a  + (Ueber einige Crassulaceen)
  • Häckel 1890  + (Ueber einige Eigenthümlichkeiten der Gräser trockener Klimate)
  • Irmisch 1862  + (Ueber einige Fumariaceen)
  • Irmisch 1856a  + (Ueber einige Ranunculaceen)
  • Irmisch 1857a  + (Ueber einige Ranunculaceen)
  • Irmisch 1860b  + (Ueber einige Ranunculaceen. III. Eranthis hyemalis (L.) Salisb)
  • Murgia, Wilms & Cresti 1987  + (Ultrastructural comparison of pollen grains from 2n, 3n, and 4n plants of Euphorbia dulcis)
  • Tutin 1980  + (Umbellifers of the British Isles)
  • Fiala 1978  + (Underground organs of Typha angustifolia and Typha latifolia, their growth, propagation and production)
  • Pütz 1998  + (Underground plant movement. V. Contractile root tubers and their importance to the mobility of Hemerocallis fulva L. (Hemerocallidaceae))
  • Philbrick 1993  + (Underwater cross-pollination in Callitriche hermaphroditica: evidence from random amplified polymorphic DNA markers)
  • Lewis & Crowe 1958  + (Unilateral interspecific incompatibility in flowering plants)
  • Reling & Bohnhorst - Unsere Pflanzen - 1889  + (Unsere Pflanzen nach ihren deutſchen Volks
    Unsere Pflanzen nach ihren deutſchen Volksnamen, ihrer Stellung in Mythologie und Volksglauben, in Sitte und Sage, in Geſchichte und Litteratur. Beiträge zur Belebung des botaniſchen Unterrichts und zur Pflege ſinniger Freude in und an der Natur für Schule und Haus
    de in und an der Natur für Schule und Haus)
  • Brux, Heim & Wiegleb 1989  + (Untersuchungen zu Lebenszyklus und Phänologie von Potamogeton alpinus Balbis und P. natans L)
  • Kies 1972  + (Untersuchungen zu Wuchsformen von Hypericum)