Cladonia digitata (en)

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Cladonia digitata (L.) Hoffm.

Beschreibung: Apothecia rare. Pycnidia and apothecia bright red, eventually borne on fingerlike projections from the rims of the cups, but young pycnidia brown and at this stage set in the in-turned cup margins, or pycnidia absent. Podetia c. 1 cm tall, often poorly developed (pin- or horn-shaped) or absent, on barked (smooth) areas grey, otherwise white and sorediate, commonly arising from the centres of the basal squamules, forming abruptly expanded cups. Basal squamules up to 10 mm width, grey-green, rounded to shallowly lobed, margins raised. Lower surface and margin farinose-sorediate, white-pale green, often tinged orange towards the base. K+ yellow, P+ orange. Silverside 2016

Wirth 2014


Habitat  Habitat: On damp trunks, rotting wood and peaty soil, common in old woodland.

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Silverside, A.: Cladonia digitata. Contains very meaningful photos.

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Buch/Veröffentlichung Literatur

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