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A list of all pages that have property "Titel" with value "Genetic variation in small, isolated fern populations". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Jonsson 1998  + (Genetic variation, clonal diversity and breeding system in sedges (Carex))
  • Brüun 1937  + (Genetical notes on Linaria. II. The distribution of self-incompatibility in the genus and related genera)
  • Williams 1951  + (Genetics of incompatibility in alsike clover, Trifolium hybridum)
  • Klekowski 1976a  + (Genetics of recessive lethality in the fern Osmunda regalis)
  • Zoldos, Papes, Brown et al. 1998  + (Genome size and base composition of seven Quercus species: Inter- and intra-population variation)
  • Torrell & Valles 2001  + (Genome size in 21 Artemisia L. species (Asteraceae, Anthemideae): Systematic, evolutionary, and ecological implications)
  • Baranyi & Greilhuber 1999  + (Genome size in <i>Allium:</i> In quest of reproducible data)
  • Obermayer & Greilhuber 2000  + (Genome size in Hedera helix L. – a clarification)
  • Peterson & Peterson 1999  + (Genotypic differentiation on an individual level in Gagea villosa (M.Bieb.) Duby, Gagea lutea (L.) Ker-Gawler and Gagea bohemica subsp saxatilis (Koch) Pascher in Saxony-Anhalt using RAPD markers)
  • Lesins & Lesins 1979  + (Genus Medicago (Leguminosae). A taxogenetic study)
  • Herrera, Sanchez-Lafuente, Medrano et al. 2001  + (Geographical variation in autonomous self-pollination levels unrelated to pollinator service in Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae))
  • Yeo 1988  + (Geranium: Freiland-Geranien für Garten und Park)
  • Treben 2017  + (Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes)
  • Ohri & Ahuja 1990  + (Giemsa C-banded karyotype in Quercus L. (oak). Silvae)
  • Van der Ham & M. 1981  + (Gifsla (Lactuca virosa L.) en kompassla (Lactuca serrioa L.) in Nederland)
  • Knapp - Gramina Britannica 1804  + (Gramina Britannica. ─ Or, Representations of the British grasses: with remarks and occasional descriptions)
  • Halldórsson et al. 1783  + (Gras-nytjar eða Gagn það, sem hvørr búandi maðr getr haft af þeim ósánum villi-jurtum, sem vaxa í land-eign hanns)
  • Häfliger & Scholz 1981  + (Grass weeds)
  • De Jong, Klinkhamer, Nell & Troelstra 1987  + (Growth and nutrient accumulation of the biennials Cirsium vulgare and Cynoglossum officinale under nutrient-rich conditions)
  • Dock Gustavsson 1997  + (Growth and regenerative capacity of plants of Cirsium arvense)
  • Van Baalen & Prins 1983  + (Growth and reproduction of Digitalis purpurea in different stages of succession)
  • Brux, Todeskino & Wiegleb 1987  + (Growth and reproduction of Potamogeton alpinus Balbis growing in disturbed habitats)
  • Feliner 1996  + (Growth form and intraspecific taxonomy in western Mediterranean Daphne (Thymelaeaceae))
  • Huber 1995  + (Growth form and plasticity of the hybrid Potentilla anglica and its two parent species)
  • Lieu 1979a  + (Growth forms of the Alismatales. I. Alisma triviale and species of Sagittaria with upright vegetative axes)